Bitcoin Revolution software.

Investors who are experienced in cryptocurrency trading already made millions with Bitcoin Revolution, where inexperienced investors had more losses. Technological advancements and crypto trading bots are opening the way for inexperienced investors to adopt the profitable strategies. However, one problem remains. While the savvy trader made a lot of money with the advanced trading algorithms, others don’t even know that any investor can make a profit with the trading bot.
The following article provides information about the functionality of Bitcoin Revolution’s software.


What is Bitcoin Revolution?

At Bitcoin Revolution, there is a cryptocurrency robot that works with advanced algorithms to use it to make whopping profits on behalf of an investor. It is not only cryptos that can be traded. The app from Bitcoin Revolution also supports trading with forex or binary options.
The software was designed in such a way that the trades are placed automatically. Thereby, there is an exceptionally good accuracy and speed, which shows profitably. Opportunities to trade are quickly identified, and it doesn’t matter if the trade is in a downturn or a price spike. The cryptocurrency market is subject to strong price fluctuations, and it is important to correctly identify the upward and downward trends. This can explain the great success of Bitcoin Revolution.
With the Bitcoin Revolution app, cryptocurrencies can be selected to trade. Traders can use the settings such as stop losses.

Features & Functionality


Who is behind Bitcoin Revolution?

Bitcoin Revolution’s software was developed by a skilled trader named Edwin James. James made his fortune trading cryptocurrencies in addition to binary options. James‘ credo was that all traders should receive the same opportunities in trading cryptocurrencies, deviating from his experience. Thus, all investors can expect to make profits after depositing the minimum deposit.

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Opinions on Bitcoin Revolution

In my life, I have always believed that success can only be achieved through hard work. This was one of the reasons why I was initially sceptical about Bitcoin Revolution. After taking a close look at the software, I realised that a lot of work goes into it. So I have been using Bitcoin Revolution for quite some time to supplement my income. Now my financial situation is so good that I can even save for the future.

Advantages and disadvantages

Automatic trading: To use Bitcoin Revolution, investors can choose the „Auto Trading“ programme. This ensures that investors, even without experience in trading cryptocurrencies, are successful.
Transparent trading: Trading can be monitored very easily, and income and expenses can also be checked.
Mobile and PC support: The Bitcoin Revolution Bot can be used with Android but also iOS smartphones.
Market signals in real time: With the app, investors can access trading signals and trends around the clock. This also makes it easier to track profits.
Various payment options: Trading with Bitcoin Revolution can be started using various payment methods. It can be the credit card, a bank transfer but also other online payment providers.

No choice of a preferred broker: Many investors prefer certain brokers. The Bitcoin Revolution system automatically assigns a broker to the investor. All brokers associated with Bitcoin Revolution are reputable and regulated.


Our test proved that the trading bot is safe to use. Since even inexperienced traders can make money with this bot, it makes it a significant assistant.

How does Bitcoin Revolution compare to other bots?

Bitcoin Revolution is a reputable trading bot that stands even better than other contenders. However, investors can also switch to other bots.
This is one of the reasons why we can always recommend Bitcoin Revolution without hesitation.